Grant of Admission

If the admission is granted School shall issue an Admission Acceptance Letter and Fee Proforma Invoice to the Parent/ Legal Guardian. Parents/ Legal Guardians are required to do the following within 15 days of date of Admission Acceptance Letter in order to confirm and reserve the space for their child/ward:

  • Submit the duly signed duplicate copy of Admission Acceptance Letter
  • Deposit Admission Fee and Refundable Security Deposit as detailed in the Fee Performa Invoice

Upon receiving the same in order the Admission Office shall intimate the Student’s ID Number. This is a unique number allotted to a particular student and should be included in all communication made with school there from.

Depositing School Fee

Various School Fee as detailed in the Fee Performa Invoice can be deposited at the time of accepting the admission but not later than the dates indicated in the Fee Structure of the school. Students shall not be allowed to attend the school if all or any of the Fee/ Amount is due.

Student Allotments

The Admission Office shall facilitate issuance/ allotment of the following for each student:

  • House
  • Form Group – Each student is part of a form group under a Form Tutor. The Form Tutor becomes the First and Primary contact for the Parent/ Guardian in the school
  • Id Cards – This is a very important instrument for your child/ward’s security. One Id card for every student shall be issued in every academic year(usually two weeks from the time the student joins the school).

Once the card has been received by the parent, it is the parent’s responsibility to safeguard / report the loss of this card in writing to the Head of Admissions/School Principal. 

The Id card must be presented,if asked for at the Security Gate of the school or bus stop.

Any person carrying valid Id card is authorised to take your child from school.

Contact Details

Please check and verify your contact details and mailing address. Any change in your contact details should be intimated in writing to the Communication office.